• How do you get started?
     Must have a valid Vermont Drivers License and be 18 years of age. Also, must pass a DOT Physical.  If you have had your license suspended in the last 3 years, please call the office before you register.

  • Where does your training take place?
    We offer training on going in Berlin, VT.  We also offer limited training in Bradford and Hydepark.

  • How many days do you train a week?
    Five days per week. Monday thru Friday in Berlin, VT. occasionally we have saturday hours 

  • What types of equipment do you have?
    We  have a variety of tractors and trailers and straight trucks for  training purposes. Our trucks are modern, clean, and up to date.

  • How much does it cost?
    Class  "A" training, $5,900.00.  We will cover (one time only) the cost of  permit testing , road testing, DOT physical and pre-enrollment drug  testing.  Number of training hours for Class "A" is 160 minimum. Class  "B" training is $3,900.00. We will cover (one time only) the cost of permit testing , road testing, DOT physical and pre-enrollment drug testing. Class "B" is 80 hours minimum. Upgrade is $4,900.00.(Please note:  prices are subject to change).

  • Job placement assistance available?
    We encourage recruiters to visit the classroom and discuss job opportunities with our students. We also post local job openings on our classroom bulletin board. There are a handful of companies that will leave job applications in our classroom for our students.

  • How can I enroll?
    By using the contacting Tracy at the office
  • Office # 802 476-4679, 
  • Cell #  802 279-3325,  
  • Fax # 802 479-2439


About Us

Instructor/Owner Mike Giroux, Governor Phil Scott, instructor/Owner Bill Haynes

Our Mission

  • We will do a comprehensive permit study with you
  • We will maintain a flexible attendance policy if Needed
  • Please feel free to ask questions or launch inquires through our e mail process

Our fleet of trucks.

what we offer


  • Complete training start to finish We pay all course related expenses
  • We have a wide array of equipment
  • We offer night driving , We can offer individual training
  • We will train you beyond minimum to a Safe and productive level

Instructor Phil with instructor/owner Bill Haynes.

our educators

  • We will assist you with your career advancement
  • We have experienced and qualified friendly Instructors
  • We have years of experience and have up to date trained instructors.

Welcome to Giroux general transport inc


Our goal is to help you  achieve a great skill in the transportation industry, and to improve  your employment potential throughout your working and productive years.  This will be made possible by going through our extensive training  program designed to maximize your understanding and build your  confidence about this fast paced and exciting career choice. It is  satisfying to know that you have engaged in a career that has boundless  potential and can lead in so many different directions that will lend  themselves to a comfortable, stable lifestyle for the rest of your  working life. 

We  would also prefer to think that you have learned things beyond just  trucking. These things might include comradery, teamwork, self  confidence, and many other often overlooked important life skills  necessary for success. All things being said, this is a great career  choice and as in all careers they are built over time with care and  patience and the understanding that the work ethic is still alive and  well in this work a day world. We at Giroux General Transport provide  this offering to anyone who will accept the challenge and bid you a  prosperous and happy life. Just keep on trucking.


One of our many training trucks.

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